Friday Free For All ~ 07/03/14

To round off Canadian cost of living, here are some interesting points from Canadian expats in Panama.
Some future posts will relate German findings. For now, since spring has made an early appearance, you’ll receive local signposts and spring cheer in my upcoming post.

In Da Campo

It’s been another interesting and busy week in the campo.

Carnaval is over and our tranquilo life has returned.  We decided we didn’t need to take the event in this year as we had seen it all last year and ended up pooped out when it finished.  We had planned on taking in the last day which in our opinion is the best but sometimes life has a way of telling you, “No!” and so we missed it.  The last of the fireworks went off around 0500 Wednesday morning to mark the Entierro de la Sardine; a symbolic burial of the past allowing for renewal.  In some respects it represents the overindulgence of the festival being destroyed.   In any even Lent has begun in the pueblo and the silence is golden.  (Amiga Connie took may pictures, you can see them on her blog at Our Third Life – Pedasi, Panama

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2 thoughts on “Friday Free For All ~ 07/03/14

    • Ah! No I haven’t. I’m just sharing information that Canadian expats blogged about and made me aware of. After my two quality of life posts, this was the right time to add their experience abroad. 🙂


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