Grocery Day in the Campo ~ Some of Our Expenses

Comparing Canadian cost of living that I’ve been writing about; here is an example of Canadians who have found a sustainable retirement solution. It’s not for everyone to leave family and friends behind but on the other hand, family and friends can plan a holiday and visit.

In Da Campo

My friend Kris tries to regularly post her monthly budget.  I have to admit that she lives in an area that gets reeaalllly cheap vegetables and there are a few differences in our costs of living.  We have no monthly rent for our house because our little slice of the campo belongs to us. We also received a 15 year property tax exemption and we have 13 years remaining on it.  Our last electricity bill was $46.00 and our water bill was $2.16 thanks to a “gift” of $4.50 from the Panamanian government to it’s residents.  We also paid for our $10.00 per year garbage tag in January and our SKY satellite is $61.50 for one television at the “top-tier”.  We didn’t have to refill any of our butane tanks in January because I used so little while SU was gone in December but they usually cost $5.00 to…

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